Baruch Cohen: CIJR Celebrates 27 Years!





I am proud and profoundly happy to add a few words about my very modest contribution to this great Jewish organization , as it celebrates its 27th anniversary. CIJR is Professor Fred Krantz’ creation. We feel it as we read its print and on-line publications—we know that every line and every page carries the imprint of Prof. Krantz’s unique “flair”.

I was there at the beginning. Across 27 years of daily studying, learning and working with Prof. Krantz, it gives me great pleasure to have reached this Gala celebration of his steady stewardship. CIJR, under Prof. Krantz’s direction, is well-known and respected internationally. Its publications, seminars, conferences and work with students express full support for the State of Israel and the idea of Zionism, and are suffused with a true Yiddishkeit.

I wish Prof. Krantz—Fred—, and my friend Jack Kincler, Chairman, National Board, good health and continued success at the helm of this unique Jewish organization. It has been, and continues to be, a great honour for me to learn from, and to contribute to, our joint work. Thank you, and all the wonderful members of CIJR’s Aademic Council and Boards, deeply, and from my heart!

(Baruch Cohen, CIJR’s outstanding Research Chairman for 27 years, is also a member of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center)