Baruch Cohen: The Shofar’s Call: Yom Kippur 5775





    In Loving Memory of Malca z”l

The shofar, New Year’s symbol, blows
The long-drawn call for all humanity!
A call for peace that’s yet to be
Addressed to all humanity.

Within the little synagogue the lights are dim
We hear the shofar sound–
Piercing a silence that seems
To pray, for you and me, its call
A prayer for you and all.

A call for a peace yet to be,
A long-drawn note to all humanity:
The tone resounds,
And mankind knows
It is the call for love,
For a humanness yet to be…

All around the air is hushed!
We hear the shofar’s blast redound:
From my heart, may peace abound! 

(Baruch Cohen, CIJR’s Research Chairman,
will soon be celebrating his 95th birthday)