Raquel Montoya-Lewis Is Ready for the State Supreme Court

The excerpt is taken from Seatellemet.com.


Allison Williams  4/9/2020 

the facade of the Temple of Justice in Olympia, Washington (2012) (Source: Wikipedia)

WHEN RAQUEL MONTOYA-LEWIS  walks the halls of Olympia’s Temple of Justice, intimidation fairly radiates from its marble pillars—and from the long line of supreme court justice portraits. “There are zero who look like me,” says the five-foot, onetime law professor, appointed in December to the state’s highest court. This year, its nine justices will rule on drug sentences and potato farm disputes, sexual assault exams and, inevitably and repeatedly, the constitutionality of car tabs; Montoya-Lewis will run to retain her seat in November. As only the second Native American state supreme court justice in the country, she wields insight from her Pueblo of Isleta tribe and her mother’s Jewish roots, from tribal courts and a stint on Whatcom County Superior Court. That collected wisdom boils down to a simple directive tattooed on her forearm, lettered around an eagle feather and gavel: “Be kind. Do justice.” –AW 


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