Israel: Heart of Western Civilization



As the November Presidential election approaches, several recent events underline the U.S.’s increasingly dangerous domestic and foreign situations.


A series of bombing incidents (the perpetrator, an Afghan Muslim terrorist, was quickly caught) occurred across the September 17-18 weekend. One exploded pipe-bomb caused 29 casualties in Manhatten, another exploded harmlessly in a Jersey Shore town, and one, undetonated, was found in Elizabeth, New Jersey. 


And as the East Coast bombs went off, nine people in a St. Cloud, Minnesota knife-attack were wounded by an Islamic State-claimed killer shouting “Allahu akbar”. Shot and wounded, the attacker was taken into custody.


These multiple incidents—the first explosions in New York City since 9/11–once again brought home the deepening crisis of ongoing Islamist terrorism in America.  


And also, once again, municipal and state "authorities" were quick, initially, either to discount the attacks as (Islamic) terrorism or to downplay possible "external" (i.e., Islamic State) sources…