Isranet Media

The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research houses a large collection of visual and audio materials — the Audio-Visual Archive — pertinent to Israel and the Middle East and the Arab-Israel conflict, to historical and contemporary antisemitism and Holocaust denial, and to regional and international perspectives on the history and politics of Jewish Israel and the Arab and Islamic states.

DVDs, audio-tapes, documentary films, and recorded You-Tube materials present compelling analyses and narratives of a vast range of issues, from Holocaust denial to Israel’s 1947-48 War of Independence, from documentation of Palestinian and Arab media anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda to lectures and seminars on aspects of Jewish and Israeli history and politics given by distinguished scholars and officials.
Audio tapes also include key “spoken voice” documents pertaining to major moments in Jewish and Israeli history, as well as recordings by famous political figures and outstanding scholars and public officials on Islam and the Arab world, Holocaust testimonies and analyses of historical and contemporary antisemitism, and recordings of Arab and Palestinian antisemitic media propaganda.

Visual materials include programs on expulsion of Sephardi Jews from Arab lands before and after 1948, documentary footage on Jerusalem and on development of the pre-State “Yishuv” in [Jewish] Palestine, and testimony by Auschwitz and other Nazi death-camp survivors. Discussions and debates concerning human rights in Israel and Arab lands, the attempted delegitimation of Israel and the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement (the “Israeli apartheid week” campaign), and historical presentations of the history of the Jewish people, are part of the CIJR Audio-Visual Archive.

These materials can also throw light on U.S., Canadian and European foreign policy as well as on Israeli and regional human and civil rights issues and on international and regional terrorism (Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Al Qaeda in Pakistan and its branches in Yemen and the Maghreb).

Included in the Audio-Visual Archive are key movies, classic films (To Kill a Mockingbird, Gentleman’s Agreement, Judgement at Nuremberg) throwing light on the impact of the World Wars, on Auschwitz and the Holocaust, Arab, European, and American antisemitism, and problems of international justice and human rights.